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Your Star Kicker

My name is Kait Smith, and I’m not sure that I’m ready to Kick the Bucket.

Yes, I do liken graduating from college to death. Call me dramatic, but I’ve had the best time of my life [thus far] during my time at Marist, and am not ready to let go just yet.

For starters, I am a communications major with a concentration in journalism and a minor in writing. With the economy in it’s current state, it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting my magazine dream job this May. Heck, I might not be getting any job this May (but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for now).

Though I am enrolled in one of the most popular majors at the college, I’m far from your typical Marist COM student. Please allow me to brag for just a moment: I’m the co-Editor in Chief of our campus newspaper, The Circle and I’ve interned with the web department of CosmoGirl and the editorial department of the Hudson Valley Magazine.

During my time at CosmoGirl, I blogged about homework help, relationship dramas, the Twilight saga and everything else relating to teenage girls. During my time at HVMag, I wrote about local soccer teams and fire towers, and learned about just how much the Hudson Valley has to offer.

And now, as I stare my senior year straight in the face, I’m looking to combine my love for my college and the Hudson Valley with my experiences at my past two internships in order to create a travel guide aimed at Marist students. You can read more about the project here, and you can catch up with my personal blog (although I am currently on hiatus) here. Wish me luck!

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